Our visit to Sierra Leone in March 2019 was an eye opener and an opportunity to further understand the plight of torture or abuse victims. We observed that there is a huge community of amputees languishing around Freetown, Kenema (Eastern Province)and other parts of the country. These people are direct victims of the unspeakable cruelty that characterized the Sierra Leonean civil war which lasted from 1991 to 2002. The impact of the war still lingers.

We also observed that the healthcare sector, particularly outside of the capital city Freetown, needs enormous assistance especially after the crippling Ebola virus outbreak in the country in 2014.

We observed gangsterism on the rise. It seems to have a transnational dimension.

Environmental issue was also of concern to us during the trip.

Early childhood education in the interiors of the country needs improvement.

While the central government is making meaningful strides in the fight against corruption, dishonesty (corruption) still remains entrenched in both public and private sectors.

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