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GAATI APPOINTS COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVE TO LIBERIA It is our immense delight to announce the appointment of Mr. Oscar N. Goyee as our acting representative to the West African nation of Liberia. Mr. Goyee is a man of impeccable character and has multiple years of professional work in the non profit and development sectors. His great … Continue reading

GAATI CELEBRATES UNITED NATIONS DAY IN SUPPORT OF VICTIMS OF TORTURE Today marks the thirty second anniversary of United Nations Day recognizing and supporting victims of torture. As we embark on this solemn occasion, it is imperative that we reflect on the turmoil torture has caused for millions across the world. The gruesome situations in … Continue reading

OUR TRIP TO SIERRA LEONE Our visit to Sierra Leone in March 2019 was an eye opener and an opportunity to further understand the plight of torture or abuse victims. We observed that there is a huge community of amputees languishing around Freetown, Kenema (Eastern Province)and other parts of the country. These people are direct … Continue reading

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